About William & Anthony

Twenty-five years ago my brother, William, traveled to Alaska in pursuit of his long-time passion for wildlife photography. He was so taken with the experience of this great land that he returned to Alaska three years later (this time with our dad) to further explore and photograph the territory. Two years after that, in 1987, I accompanied him on his third trip to Alaska. We journeyed far and wide, by vehicle and by bush plane, photographing nature and fishing the bountiful waters of this vast majestic terrain.

The allure of America’s last frontier never left us. By 1993 I had developed products, as part of my existing wholesale business, that would be salable to Alaskan retail gift merchants. I started making regular trips to Alaska to market my goods. During this time, William and I began discussing the prospect of opening our own retail store in Alaska. The idea took hold.

In 1996 we explored towns in Alaska where we could locate our business. It didn’t take us long to determine that the beautiful and historic setting of Skagway was where we wanted to be. In 1997 we opened the Alaska Shoppe. The following year we opened our flagship store, William & Anthony. We’ve since opened a third store, Klondike Gifts. Through these stores and this web site, we are pleased to offer you upscale Alaskan gifts as well as works of art crafted by artists from within this region.

Tony Heckle
Resident of Skagway

From left to right: William Heckle; Kurt Kosters (cabinetmaker, totem carver, & good friend who crafts our displays & décor, & offers general counsel for our business); Anthony (Tony) Heckle; Dawn Nelson (General Manager, valuable business partner, & good friend who has been with us since the beginning.)